Being Responsible

At THEMATICS AM, acting responsibly is a key element of our overall philosophy, and is embedded within our investment process. We also don’t necessarily believe that a line needs to be drawn between the worlds of thematic investing and ESG investing.

As strong believers in secular themes that are shaping the world of tomorrow, adopting a sustainable and responsible approach is entirely consistent with our thinking. Rapid rates of urbanization, changing demographics, more digitalization, and rising living standards, in addition to the necessity to adapt to climate change, all present investors with opportunities to benefit from new areas of growth. These are some of the long-term structural shifts that we see today, and that we anticipate will continue to change the way we live and work in the future.

When considering a long term investment horizon, it is essential to also consider environmental, social and governance factors that are likely to impact a company’s risk profile; the obvious reason behind this is that the longer the time horizon, the more likely it is for those risks to materialize over time. We also believe that ESG integration leads to better informed investment decisions, can help to mitigate portfolio risk and supports long-term value creation for asset owners.  

Our approach to corporate responsibility is deeply rooted in our willingness to participate in creating environmental security, social balance and fair governance that leads in turn, to virtuous long-term activity and sustainable wellbeing. To this end, we support international treaties, such as the Paris Agreement, that aim to address pressing challenges of our time, including climate change and biodiversity losses. We are committed to play our role as an asset manager to support the transition to greener economy. Consistent with our philosophy and belief, we are also a signatory of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI).

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