Investing in the equity of a company consists of taking a view on its future and in assigning it a value. The same applies more broadly to assessing global stock markets when aiming build durable and diversified portfolios. At Thematics Asset Management, we are convinced that incorporating sustainable investment criteria and applying a thematic lens to equity investing helps differentiate our products and improve our investment performance.

When the wind of change blows, some people build walls, others build windmills. (Chinese proverb)

In essence, thematic investing refers to investment portfolios that are carefully constructed from specific investment universes and characterised by long-term secular growth drivers. The drivers of growth stem from four primary forces that are transforming our world: demographic change, globalisation, innovation and resource scarcity. Experience has taught us that successfully identifying and gaining exposure to themes underpinned by transformational shifts results in a compelling long-term investment strategy.

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